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How To Get Less High From Smoking Weed

How To Get Less High From Smoking Weed

Overwhelmed by an intense cannabis high? We’ve got your back. Discover the duration of a high, signs you’ve had too much, and effective tips to help you regain control – just keep reading to unveil the secrets.
Hayley Smith
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THC can take you from wiiii to whoa…

Getting high can be a fun experience with laughter, relaxation, and creativity. After a while our cravings for Doritos (Chilli Heatwave flavour) intensifies and minutes start feeling like hours, sounds, colors and touch are more vivid than ever.

However, consuming too much cannabis can lead to uncomfortable side effects like paranoia, panic, and anxiety. This article provides tips for calming down when the high becomes too intense.

THC: How long is it in my body!?

If you are new to the world of cannabis you might be wondering how long the effects last, or eager to know how long it takes to sober up from smoking weed. The only sure thing to know is that it always depends on how much of the drug you consume. It is about how strong it is, and the many factors involved in how your body processes the THC in question.

Typically when smoking weed the high begins almost immediately, and can go on for up to 3 hours. Eating and drinking weed delays the high significantly compared to smoking, 2 hours after eating you might start to feel high–and the high will last for a long time, with a much more intense effect than when you smoke weed.

It can also depend on the regularity of your usage, long-term smokers will feel less intense effects from their high, but the signs of cannabis use will be present for weeks at a time in their case.

All of this goes for THCa as well

Telltale Signs of Being Too High

Smoking too much weed or smoking a strain that is stronger than you are used to, is going to result in you probably experiencing a high much more intense than you are normally used to. That is basic weed science, but how can you tell when it isn’t all going to plan? Here are basic signs that you have gotten too high:

  • Anxiety, Panic, and even Paranoia
  • Coordination impaired
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusion (Refusing to believe certain aspects of reality are true)
  • Dry Heaving/Desire to be sick
  • Feeling faint/Too warm

This can happen with too much or a type of weed stronger than you’re used to, but it is unfortunately not limited to this brief list. Combining weed with alcohol or opiates can significantly exacerbate these negative sensations, or even add to them. It is always in your best interest to not mix weed and other substances.

So how can you calm down a high that you aren’t feeling particularly buzzed about? It usually requires letting time do what it does best, but there are some tips and tricks to help speed the process up, and even make you feel more chilled out as the high washes over you…


This one is going in first, it does seem obvious at first, but so many people forget to just RELAX when the high seems too much for them.

Find a chill spot in your house and stay there, get a blanket, put on a familiar TV show, or a movie you’ve seen a thousand times. Preferably something that is not action based, although that is just my opinion…

Not that we want to tell you what to do, but if you choose to put on headphones and listen to some music, instrumental (specifically ‘Lofi’ genre) can be really good at giving your mind something to focus on other than the fact you are way too high at this current point in time. Artists you are familiar with and enjoy can work too, the main thing is that you are happy, relaxed, and in a good head space.

Above all sleep is an excellent choice, even a little nap can do wonders for your body in this situation. Don’t worry if you can’t get yourself to sleep, just remember this is a feeling, and it too, shall pass.

Hit play and take a deep breath… 😮‍💨

Try Some CBD!

Yes, try more cannabis based products while you are too high! Don’t dismiss this just yet, plenty of references on the web recommend this trick, and here is why:

THC and CBD are both types of cannabinoids found in cannabis; the main difference is that THC causes the high we all know and love, while CBD engages different receptors found in your brain. While it isn’t scientifically nailed down yet, studies have shown that CBD can be a benefit for several different forms of anxiety!
Black Pepper

This is a tip that sounds pretty far-fetched–the next bit might not help completely in convincing you either–but according to the internet and veteran stoners alike, this is a solution you can bank on!

NOTE: Don’t start just eating them, this works by grabbing a container and sniffing the peppercorns, NOT INHALING the peppercorns. You could even put a couple in your mouth and chew on them!

There is science behind this, peppercorns contain a terpene called caryophyllene, a potent CB2 antagonist. This raises the sedative effects of THC, which could relax you significantly.

I’m not much of a science guy but there are studies out there for you to check out, we’ll just stick to tips for now, so as not to bog down this article!

Lemons and Pine Nuts

Okay, you might be thinking we are giving you advice that is too focused on foodstuffs but hear us out, this really works!

Lemons contain a compound known as Limonene (on brand!) and this has a calming effect on us! Eating or squeezing lemon juice into a glass of water can combat some of the psychoactive effects of THC.

There are many internet users who claim that zesting the lemon peel into your water, or steeping some lemon peel in hot water can be a lot more effective…this is simply because the peel actually contains the largest concentration of Limonene.

If you are not a big fan of lemon then there are pine nut alternatives available! Studies have shown it can also counteract the effects of THC as well, due to containing a compound known as Pinene, which as you guessed, produces a calming effect but also helps improve clarity. Extra bit of trivia: Pinene is a terpene found in cannabis that gives weed smoke a pine-like aroma.

After the High

Trying to recall what helped you relax, what dosage you took, and just remembering events from your smoking session can help massively the next time you feel too high. Think of it as a backup plan for your next time smoking, almost like weed journaling. Laugh now, but it can be incredibly helpful for the next time you get too high, with the added bonus of probably writing something very profound in the course of doing this…

Remember, above all, that a high is not forever. This is just a phase in time and you’re going to get through it!

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