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Best temperature to Dab CBD

Dab Pen vs Vape Pen vs Wax Pen: What’s the Difference and Which One Should I Buy?

We make a deep-dive into dabbing and vaping to help you learn the difference between dap pens vs. vape pens and which one to get.
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A variety of vaping methods

Vaping has become an incredibly popular way to consume hemp and cannabis over the last few years, but if you’re new to the market then you may be feeling overwhelmed with all of the different types of vape pens available.

Today we’re going to teach you the differences between a dab pen vs vape pen vs a wax pen, so you can decide which type of vape pen might be right for you. Because each one uses a different type of concentrate, it can offer a completely different vaping experience.

Portable vaping devices

The main thing that all three of these devices have in common is that they’re all portable. They called “pens” because they’re roughly the same size as a pen, so are highly convenient for taking out and about with you.

How to vape CBD oil

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is a small battery-powered device that is used to heat CBD or cannabis oil so that the user can inhale the vapors created. The vape liquid is carried in oil cartridges and a single one gram cartridge should last for around 300 seconds of inhalation, meaning it will last you for a long time before you need to refill or change it.

A vape pen is the most popular kind of vaping device. It’s also one of the most affordable devices to buy and the easiest device to use, making it an ideal choice for vaping newcomers.

Vape pens are highly convenient due to the fact that they don’t need refilling all the time and depending on how much cash you’re willing to part with, your vape pen may come with different temperature settings so you can choose how hard it hits.

Learn about vaping temperatures

You can also choose to buy a rechargeable vape pen battery or a disposable one, as well as disposable vape cartridges or refillable ones, depending on your preference. Rechargeable and refillable options work out to be more affordable over time and are obviously kinder to the environment, but there’s no denying that disposable options are even more convenient.

The market is literally flooded with options for vape pens, so it’s important that you buy your vape pen from a reputable company. Cheaply constructed vape pens will break easily and could even be dangerous to use.


  • Most affordable vaping device
  • Easy to use, doesn’t require any measuring or loading
  • Most discreet 
  • Tons of choice when it comes to carts and oils


  • Only uses liquid carts (can’t be used for dabs)
  • Many are cheaply constructed and can break easily

Learn how to vape CBD oil here

What is a dab pen?

When you’re looking at dab pens vs vape pens, then a dab pen is used to vaporize denser, more potent concentrates (dabs) than a vape pen and it also requires hand loading with a dab tool each and every time you use it. Dab pens are usually better suited to more experienced vapers that are looking for a more potent cannabis or CBD experience.

What are dabs? If you’re interested in vaping THC or CBD concentrates, such as live rosin, crumble, wax, powder, or diamonds, then you’ll need a dab pen. A dab pen is made up of many of the same components as a vape pen, including a battery, a heating element, and a mouthpieces for inhaling the vapor.

What is dabbing? In the case of an electric dab pen, you turn it on and once it has reached your desired temperature, you place (or dab) your concentrate onto a heated coil within your heating chamber. The coil melts the denser dabbing substance into a liquid and then it’s heated further into a vapor to be inhaled.


  • Offers users more control (for example in the dab type, dab size, and temperature)
  • Can use higher temperatures and hotter vapes
  • Can be used to vape all concentrates apart from oils
  • Most potent. intense vaping experience


  • More expensive than a vape pen
  • Requires regular cleaning and upkeep
  • Hand loading makes it less discreet than a vape pen
  • You need to carry around your concentrate and dabbing tool also
CBD Concentrate

What is a wax pen (wax pen vs dab pen)? 

Dab pens and wax pens are basically the same thing. In fact, the terms dab pens and wax pens are often used interchangeably on packaging and within dispensaries. THC or CBD wax is just one form of concentrate that can be vaped in either device.


Buying guide: Things to consider when shopping for a new vaping device

Now that you know what kind of portable device you want to vape with, how do you go about choosing the right model and brand? These are some of the things that you should take into account before buying a new device.

Battery life

One of the first things you should consider before buying a new vaping device is how big you want your battery to be. A larger, bulkier vape pen battery will carry a lot more charge, but it will also make it slightly less portable, so you may want to decide if portability or battery life are more important to you.

As a light user, I prefer lighter, more slimline batteries, but I do have to remember to charge them more often.

Heating coils/elements

Different devices (or cartridges) come with a couple of different options when it comes to heating coils.

Ceramic coils are generally the most popular choice because they hold high temperatures well and are fantastic for preserving the flavors of your concentrates. The quality of the wire inside the ceramic element can also effect the quality and flavor of the vapor produced, so you should avoid cheap ceramic options.

Metal heating elements are sometimes preferred because they are highly reactive to temperature change. If you like to experiment with different vaping temperatures, then a metal heating element could be a great choice for you as it will respond to your temperature changes far more quicky then a ceramic one could. However, metal heating elements can sometimes interfere with flavor and a new study suggests that they may contaminate the vapor with small amounts of metal.

Quartz heating elements heat extremely quickly but have poor heat retention, meaning they’ll be more of a drain on your battery. Quartz heating elements can are also prone to breaking, but offer users some of the more intense vapor flavors of all three options.

Dabbing vs. Vaping

When you’re choosing between a dab pen vs a vape pen, what you’re really choosing between is your preferred method – dabbing or vaping, because even though dabbing is a form of vaping, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea due to its potency and harshness.

Dab pens are usually recommended for more experienced vapers, as well as those that are looking for more potent ways to consume cannabis or hemp concentrates. Using a vape pen is as easy as locating the power button and puffing away, but you’ll need to learn how to use a dab pen before operating it solo.

Dab pens are the best portable vaping devices for hemp and cannabis concentrates, a vape pen is best for oils, and if you want to vape hemp or cannabis flower, then did you know that you can also buy dry herb vaporizers?

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