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How to make cbd oil

How to Make CBD Oil

We go over a simple 4 step recipe that shows you how to make CBD oil at home with federally legal CBD flower. Let’s get started…

does delta 8 make you high

Does Delta 8 Make You High

We have tried D8 THC to answer the question * Does Delta 8 Make You High * in order to help you better understand what to expect from D8…

What is THCV

What is THCV? A Guide to THCV and its Potential Therapeutic Benefits

An up-to-date guide on THCV. The minor cannabinoid with major implications on health, medicine and much more…

Product Reviews

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Diesel Hemp Review
Diesel Hemp Review

A complete guide to Populum and their most popular products. We look at the company, shipping practises, guarantees and CBD products.

cbd pre rolls
Best CBD Pre Rolls of 2021

The Best CBD Pre Rolls of 2021 listed by brand — Learn where to buy them and why these hemp joints stand out from the crowd.

Best CBD teas
Best CBD Teas of 2021

We look at the best CBD teas of 2021 and how they stack up against making your own using CBD flower. Showing the top brands and how they make you feel.

Best Dry herb vaporizer for CBD flower
What is the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for CBD Flower?

Whether you’re taking it easy or out and about, dry herb vaporizers provide one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy CBD flower strains. It improves the flavor and makes sure that you are always ready on the go. These are the best dry herb vaporizers for CBD flower of 2021.

Legendary og cbd flower review
Legendary OG CBD: Strain Review

Legendary OG CBD flower review of flavor, aroma and effects. This is our breakdown of the popular CBD flower strain Legendary OG.

Best CBD Cigarettes
Best CBD Cigarettes of 2021

A list of the best CBD cigarettes of 2021 and how they stack up Vs. pre-rolls. Divided by flower quality and smoking pleasure. Complete CBD cigarette guide.

Frosted Lime CBD strain review
Frosted Lime CBD: Strain Review

Frosted Lime is powerfully citric in flavor and aroma and offers fantastic effects in reducing anxiety and stress. Here is what you should know and where to buy it.

Pineberry hemp flower review
Pineberry CBD: Strain Review

Pineberry CBD is a modern classic CBD strain with citric and piney aromas that induce a relaxed and euphoric calm. This is our 2021 strain review.

Cherry Wine CBD review
Cherry Wine CBD: Strain Review

Cherry Wine is a magnificent 50/50 CBD flower hybrid with immense smoking pleasure. This is our strain review and best vendors of 2021.

Sour Tsunami hemp strain
Sour Tsunami CBD: Strain Review

Sour Tsunami CBD is a strong diesel sativa strain with uplifting and energetic qualities. This is our 2021 strain breakdown.

Early Resin Berry CBD: Strain Review
Early Resin Berry CBD: Strain Review

Early Resin Berry is a CBD strain that we see as the parent of a lot of our favorite strains. Let’s look at ERB on its own and why we don’t find it for sale anywhere.

Abacus CBd flower review (1)
Abacus CBD: Strain Review

Abacus is a 2017 explosive CBD strain with potent indica effects and a unique and delicious flavor profile. This is the 2021 strain review with the top vendors.

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