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The Top 4 Strains to Elevate Your 4/20 Celebration

Hayley Smith
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The 20th of April sees people from all over the world join together in celebration of all things marijuana. Whether you choose to celebrate at a festival, event, march or from the comfort of your own home, having some amazing grass to smoke is essential.

With every weed smoker’s favorite ‘holiday’ just around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time to choose our top 4 high-THC strains to help you celebrate this year.

Not in a weed-legal state?

If you’re not lucky enough to live in a weed-friendly state, check out our recommendations for the latest and greatest THCa flower strains on the market, as well as our favorite new CBD strains, both of which you can order online today and have delivered in plenty of time for your 420 celebrations.

Our 4 favorite high-THC strains for 420 (2024)

Cookies Gelato

Cookies Gelato is a potent hybrid with two celebrity parents – Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato. These much-loved strains come together to deliver a potent and euphoric high, with a whopping 28% THC content. Cookies Gelato is 50/50 indica-sativa, making it well-balanced and fast-acting, it creates a relaxing high that lifts the mood and still enables productivity and socializing, making it top of the list for 420.

It has become a highly popular strain since its release as many report its hugely beneficial in managing anxiety, stress, pain and inflammation. Its potency makes it more suited to experienced smokers as it has such a pronounced psychedelic effect.

The sweet taste we know and love from Gelato strains is in abundance, and paired with the uniquely sweet, creamy and earthy flavors of Girl Scout, means it is hard to put this strain down. 

The dominant terpenes in Cookies Gelato are Caryophyllene and Mycrene which give it a spicy, herby aroma and potency. These terpenes also play a part in this strain’s ability to relax the mind and body, releasing tension and stress. 

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit is a 50/50 hybrid strain bringing characteristics from Silver Haze and Snow Lotus, creating a cerebral buzz which allows focus as well as relaxation that lasts. 

This strain hits the head quickly with an intense and energetic high, and slowly spreads down the body to bring a buzzy and then relaxed state. It is great to puff at any time of day, and due to its uplifting high, is ideal for smoking socially or for when you need to boost your mood or focus. Its sociability and strength make Dragon Fruit an ideal strain to choose this 420. Unwind 

Many users report Dragon Fruit is helpful in relieving chronic pain, discomfort and depression symptoms. With 25% THC, it’s also worth going easy on this strain if you’re not an experienced smoker. 

Dragon Fruit is simply delicious, with complex flavors of sweet fruit, zingy citrus and woody undertones. 

The dominant terpenes are Myrcene, which makes it particularly good at relieving pain and bringing on relaxation, Limonene and Linalool which both add to its complex taste and help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. 


Another ideal 420 smoke up was born when Gelato 25 and Triangle Kush came together to create Biscotti – an indica-dominant hybrid that brings classic West Coast feels. Biscotti instantly washes away any pain and eases the mind, leaving you feeling relaxed, tingly and a little spacey. 

Although it can evoke a beautiful, body melting and weightless high, this strain doesn’t leave you in as much of a slump as many other indica heavy strains. That being said, be aware that Biscotti has 22-25% THC and little to no CBD content to balance out the THC, this is considered part of the reason that some report this strain as a creeper

This strain provides quite the cocktail of sweet flavors with a slightly nutty, honey-like  taste, hence the name, Biscotti, which is an Italian twice cooked almond biscuit. Earthy and diesel undertones can also be detected. 

The dominant terpenes are Caryopyllene, Myrcene and Limonene. The high levels of Caryophyllene help to create the body-melting and euphoric high of Biscotti, as well as its slight diesel taste that we love from a good indica. 

Cosmic Glue

Cosmic Glue is another new kid on the block that won’t disappoint this 420. Bred from Gorilla Glue and Space Queen, the strain brings about a mind melting, euphoric high.  This indica-dominant (70%) induces a deeply relaxing state with a gentle boost that enhances creativity and focus. Its indica-dominant contents make it great at managing pain and anxiety, whilst its sativa cross makes it versatile and a little energizing. 

Cosmic Glue usually has a THC content of 20-25%, making it an ideal choice for both medical and recreational users. 

The flavor is both sweet and fruity as well as having earthy pine and sour diesel undertones. 

The dominant terpenes are Caryophyllene, Limonene and Humulene. Caryophyllene, which is found in many aromatic plants like rosemary and cloves, brings about an array of medicinal benefits and adds to the deep flavors of Cosmic Glue.

🎉💨 Happy 420 everyone!

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